Definition: one who hates tobacco smoke and tobacco smoking.


This very rare adjective stems from the Greek nouns miso meaning hate and kapnos meaning smoke.

Why this word?

This is a great word! Nowadays, more and more countries and their policy makers are fighting smoking and smokers. Health and education ministries are all over the issue, black lungs are other terrifying diseases are all over the internet and television. The days of “more doctors smoke Marlboros” are long gone and forgotten. I’m assuming some doctors do smoke, and even Marlboro, but no one will tell you it is actually god for you…

As a smoker, I wish myself and all smokers out there to embrace this word, hug it and become a misocapnic!

How to use misocapnic?

It is an adjective, simply use it as such!

There is no way we will make it to the Black Horse, this bar is the smokiest ever and you know David is a misocapnic…


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