Definition: to paint (face) with cosmetics, to apply makeup.


Fard is one of those words that really traveled! Dated back to the 15th century, fard began its route into the English language with the Old High German faro meaning colored, then into the Anglo-French farder and ended up with Old English fard, now discussed.

Why this word?

One of my main goals with this blog is to provide semi-dead words for every day needs, words that are easily used. As a woman- I fard, I do it a lot, I spend money on farding supplies and I know this is a great word to have!

The French farder is very much used till this very day, but the French don’t have the very similar-sounding fart verb… Its English sound will raise a giggle whenever you would use it. My recommendation for you is to give it a try over dinner!

How to use fard?

It is a verb, just use it as one!

I need at least 30 minutes to finish farding.. I want to look amazing tonight!”

Dana’s thickly farded cheeks made her look tawdry

If fewer women farded while driving- there would be fewer accidents


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