Definition: A woman who emphasizes a life of passion as expressed through her personal style, chosen pastimes, and cultivated demeanour; a female “dandy”.

Pronunciation: kwayn-TRELL


Yet another English-derived slang term of nebulous origin. The best I’ve seen in regards to following this word’s etymology is that it’s most likely a French-influenced Middle English adoption.

Why this word?


If anything, “quaintrelle” sounds like a term that could easily be used in common speech nowadays; old things are even more hip and retro than ever before, even outdated and defunct patterns of wordplay.

How do you use this word in a sentence?

Example: “Most who didn’t know her called her a hipster, but she had a job and she paid bills, and she’d already been unconsciously cultivating an air of casual nonchalance in her everyday when the very same look of carelessness started to get adopted by youth culture. If one had a desire to be accurate, though, they’d claim she was more quaintrelle than hipster– She loved jazz and Impressionist watercolors with genuine interest rather than that aloof, ‘cool fashion-ability’ one with approximate knowledge”.


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