Definition: a fat person

Pronunciation: JO-lux


The origin to this word is not known (or rather- I could not find it).

Why this word?

All obsolete vocabulary sites offer this word, and define it as “18th century English slang used to describe a fat person”. Although all sites give nothing but the definition above, they all seem positive this word actually existed.

Well, it took a while, but I managed to find a caricature dated back to 1773, drawn by James Bretherton, exhibiting a fatter person with the word Jollux proudly spelled beneath him. The drawing is featured with this post and can be found here:

I am not sure this is enough evidence to prove this word’s existence, but hey, at least we’re one step closer than the competitors!

How to use the word jollux in a sentence?

Jollux is simply a slang word for fat. My best advice to you is not to use it in any way that is offensive!

“I can’t believe I just ate the entire pack… I’m such a jollux!”


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