Unusedwords.com is your window to a richer language.

Modern times have made language too easy; spell checks don’t only prevent us from misspelling a word, spell checks notify us when our sentence is incomplete, when our tenses are mixed and even when we managed to use the wrong word. Most of us automatically abide to its suggestion without giving the matter an extra thought.

Unusedwords.com is here to extract your language from the pond of habituation it comfortably floats on. As our follower, you will learn a new word every day; you will learn its etymology, different synonyms to it as well as different uses to the word. New and exciting words lead habitual thought patterns in new directions allowing the thinker to breach conventions.

Our team is composed of writes from the entire academic scope, all sharing the love for language and words. Each and every one is welcome to add to our community, by commenting, sharing, emailing or posting! If you have something to say- please do.

Language is and should be common knowledge and thus unusedwords.com is free and will always remain free.