Author Kate Fulton

Kate Fulton has a bachelor’s degree in classics and psychology from the University of Massachusetts and is working on a library science degree from Simmons College. She has always been fascinated by words- their usage, spelling, and etymology. Kate may be one of the few people who enjoyed the verbal section of the SAT. Yes, she is a word geek. Currently she bores her husband and young daughter with her love of vocabulary.

Featured Provender

Definition: Food or victuals; especially dry food for horses. Pronunciation: Proh-vehn-dur

Nouns Griffonage

Definition: Illegible scrawl Pronunciation: Griff-oh-naj

Adjectives Erinaceous

Definition: Of, pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog Pronunciation: Eh-rihn-AY-shuss

Adjectives Fetid

Definition: Smelling extremely unpleasant or foul. Pronunciation: Feh-tihd

Adjectives Maladroit

Definition: Lacking adroitness; bumbling and inept. Pronunciation: Mal-ah-droy-t

Adjectives Pusillanimous

Definition: Showing a lack of courage or determination; timid. Pronunciation: Pew-sill-an-ih-muss

Featured Interrobang

Definition: The combination of a question mark and an exclamation point, intended to convey either…

Featured Pogonotrophy

Definition: The act of growing and cultivating facial hair. Pronunciation: Poh-goh-no-tro-fee

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