Author Sean Carabini

Seán Carabini is a Dublin-based author. To date, Seán has written the humorous travel memoirs 'Sticking Out in Minnesota' and 'American Road', as well as 'American Road: The poems' - a book of travel poetry related to the memoir. Seán has also developed a podcast based on the book - subscribe to the American Road podcast today! Seán is a committee member of the Irish Writers' Union. Chrissy Skelton is Seán Carabini's editor. A graduate of the University of Minnesota's Anthropology programme, Chrissy emerged armed with an arsenal of little-known words and cumbersome jargon - all of which will now be off-loaded onto 'unusedwords' readers!

Adjectives Addle

Definition: Urine To purify or become rotten To become muddled Pronunciation: add-l

Featured Sackbut

Definition: A medieval wind instrument played in a similar fashion to a trombone. Pronunciation: Sak-butt

Featured Jetsam

Definition: Goods cast overboard from a ship Pronunciation: Jet-sim

Featured Tuffet

Definition: A low seat. A stool. A little tuft. Pronunciation: tuff-it

Adjectives Misbegotten

Definition: Illegitimate or ill-conceived method of attaining something. It can also refer to procreation –…

Adjectives Badder

Definition: An obsolete comparative term. It means ‘worse’. Pronunciation: Say it like you see it.…

Featured Quib

Definition: Evasion of a point Pronunciation: Say it like you see it. Quih-b.

Featured Ornithopter

Pronunciation: ohr-ni-thop-ter Definition: A flying machine designed to operate by the flapping of wings

Featured Pigsney

Definition: A term of endearment – usually a term used by a man to refer…

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