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There is almost no room for democracy when it comes to the English language. Since its first 1884 publication, the English Oxford Dictionary is the sole gatekeeper of the English language responsible for opening and closing its doors; allowing some in, leaving others out.
According to British daily The Telegraph, OED hold a vault in Oxford, containing 50 cabinets, each cabinet hides thousands of 6/4 inch cards while each card displays a word once suggested to the OED but rejected. OED rejects words that are not eternal, words that are local slang words or such to describe short-time phenomena.
The OED’s vault is rather secretive; this vault’s existence was confirmed by the OED but access to it is denied, thus no one can view these words. Luke Ngakane, a young graphic designer decided to search the internet for people who claim words suggested by them were rejected by the OED and introduced some of these words to the world. This is a small selection of words, but it is a start!