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Adjectives Mellifluous

Definition: having a smooth rich flow, like one’s voice, or filled with something (as honey)…

Featured Ennui

It’s a fancier way of saying “I’m bored.” It communicates that one is feeling underwhelmed or emotionally bone-tired.

This word originated in France and is part of the English language although you don’t heard it used very often in daily conversations.

Featured Clowder

A group of cats ~used in a sentence below
A clowder of cats would result in the frequently used word, “Kindle” of kittens

Featured Stillicide

Definition: continual dropping (as of rain water of a roof) Pronunciation: stil-li-SIDE

Featured Wittol

WIT’l Definition: A man who meekly and tacitly accepts his wife’s adultery

Adjectives Lambent

This word was suggested by Ariana Amorim Definition: playing lightly on or over a surface,…

Featured defenestrate

Thank you Daniel Milsein, for suggesting this word!  Defenition: The action of throwing out of…