Hani Skutch is a copywriter and editor – and a stand-up comedian to boot. Since earning a BS in advertising and an MSW in social work, Hani, currently a content manager for a high-tech company, has created websites for medical device companies, written content for the travel industry, edited encyclopedia articles for a publishing company, drafted speeches and toasts, worked in a sandwich shop, taught archery, and been employed to watch for shoplifters. As a comedian, Hani enjoys performing to audiences of all types: religious affiliation, political affinity, and frequent flyer status make no difference. Hani has performed in a number of venues in the United States and Israel, and she headlines regularly at Jerusalem's Off the Wall Comedy Basement. When not embarrassing her children, Hani can generally be found sleeping.4 Articles

Lindsay Kramer lives in New Jersey and has a large vocabulary. She likes writing, surfing, driving her Altima and playing with her pet rats. One of her favorite things about language is learning about the etymology of words and how they've descended through linguistic families over time. She speaks some German.4 Articles

Adrian has worked as a freelance writer for almost 2 years. His professional experience includes article, web content writing, and review writing. Adrian enjoys sketch comedy, politics, and self-help guides. He is also a certified audio engineer that works on various film and song projects.3 Articles

Gregory Fodero is a writer of fiction and screenplays. He holds a BA in English, is a member of Mensa, and excels at blending into large crowds. He is sometimes described as 'funny' and tries to take it as a compliment, regardless of the speakers intent. Find out for yourself on Twitter: @Resistible.3 Articles

Elizabeth Heather is a writer, proofreader and freelance editor. Elizabeth would describe herself as an ex-thespian, former vegetarian, failed guitarist and is hesitant to admit that Scientology intrigues her.3 Articles

Rachelle Nones holds a bachelor's degree in English literature and has completed coursework in linguistics, English and American literature, and the history of the English language. The dictionary is one of her favorite books! Follow her on Twitter: @rachellenones2 Articles

I love words and writing on most subjects, but have a keen interest in relationship dynamics and psychology. I hale from Ireland.1 Articles

Diane Tishkoff has been an ad writer and copy editor for many years. She is an accomplished marketing director and content specialist for several websites along with being a creative director and copywriter. After earning a BA in Design from UCLA, Ms. Tishkoff began a career playing a key role in developing ad campaigns, both in print, via mail, online and broadcast. Diane is a corporate communications specialist and has authored several articles, newsletters, blogs and SEO/lead-generation initiatives designed to optimize online content for various websites.1 Articles