A name for a speech disorder where the patient displays speech that isabnormally rapid, voluble, disfluent and unintelligible.

In the 1960s, what we now call cluttering was then called tachyphemia,derived from the Greek phrase for “fast speech.”

“Mel Blanc voiced Porky Pig so that his speech patterns are so weird,
it’s like he has Tachyphrasia.”

Tachyphrasia is the old, outdated name for a syndrome that’s now called
“cluttering” (sometimes associated with stuttering), characterized by a
speech delivery rate which is either unusually fast, irregular or both.

In cluttered or tachyphrasic speech, the person’s speech is affected by one or more of the following: (1) failure to maintain normally expected sound, syllable, phrase and pausing patterns; (2) evidence of greater-than-expected incidents of disfluency, the majority of which are unlike those typical of people who stutter.


Battaros was a legendary ancient Libyan king who was said to speak quickly and in a disorderly fashion. Others who spoke as he did were said to suffer from battarismus. This is the earliest record of the speech disorder of Tachyphrasia or cluttering.

The first medical conference held specifically on cluttering took place in May 2007 in Bulgaria, “The First World Conference on Cluttering.”

Famous clutterers

Besides Battaros it’s postulated that Otto von Bismarck and Winston Churchill were clutterers.

The animated character Porky Pig, who has often been described as a stutterer, has a style of speech similar to cluttering in some ways.


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