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Dignified or noble, venerable or eminent.


August is mainly the name of the eighth month of the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. The word, when capitalized, is a noun used when expressing events happening that month: Brenda’s birthday is August 13th, we are going on vacation on August 27th, and so on. Left uncapitalized, august, denoting a royal presence, can be used this way: The prime minister has august bearing.

The dignified august, which takes its roots from Augustus, is a seventeenth-century Latin word meaning grand or sacred, and is related to augere, which means to increase.

August, the month, which has 31 days between summer’s July and autumn’s September, is an Old English word. Taken from the Latin, however, it too is related to the well-known ruler Augustus, the first emperor of Rome (ruling from 27 b.c.e.) and the grandnephew of Julius Caesar.

Now that is august lineage!


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Written by Hani Skutch

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