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Definition: stupid, marked by the lack of intellectual acuity.

Pronunciation: DUHN-si-kuhl


John Duns Scouts is known to be one of the three most important philosopher-theologians of the High Middle Ages and is considered to have influenced the catholic church as well as secular thinking. However, Scouts’ surprising death had left a bundle of unfinished work to be edited by his students and disciples who managed to mismatch thoughts by Scouts and many other thinkers into a mass of thoughts that is not completely related to self. This mismatch led to the 16th century thinkers to regard Scouts as a duncical thinker; one who is not too bright.

Why this word?

Duncical is a great word; not only as it is a completely unused synonym for stupidity, bt as it also demonstrates the human ability for shift of thought. In the 12th and 13th centuries Scouts was considered to be one of the more influential thinkers, while the 16th century portrayed him as duncical, Scouts regained his recognition of who he truly was only 200 years ago.

How to use duncical?

Duncical is an adjective, synonymous of stupid. Next time you would like to use that word, use duncical instead, it would work wonders to your own image!


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