Definition: a group of cats

Pronunciation: cla-u-der


This sweet noun belongs to English collectives group and represents a group of cats. It is said to be a variant of clutter (a noun, representing a confused disordered jumble of things) when actually the word clowder was first recorded in 1811while clowder emerged in 1801.

A group of kittens or young cats had a special name: they were called a “kyndyll,” or “kindle,” of kittens. This is based on the old definition of the verb “to kindle,” which described it as “bringing forth” or “giving birth to young.” So a kyndyll of cats was simply a group of felines that had, not so long ago, been brought into the world[1].

Why this word?

This cute noun was suggested by Bettina Painten, thank you Bettina, it is a great word!

I especially love words that are connected to other word- with clowder we are referring to clutter and kindle and if you dare to imagine the word- you’d find yourself with a fuzzy smile on your face, resembling a group of sleeping kittens (at least this is what happens to me).

How to use the word clowder?

Clowder is a noun representing a group of cats.

Mom!! Did you see the clowder we have in the back yard? They’ve all come to warm up and dry from the rain! Can we please please keep all of them??

John, Jane and Jenny! Would you please stop lying around like a clowder and help with at least some of the house work?”


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Written by Victoria Sheinkin

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