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Definition: to confuse, jumble, or mix things up.

Pronuciation: jar-ga-guhl


Jargogle dates back in 1962, when John Locke used the term in an article for a local publication. In the article, he was sharing his ideas about getting confused by his own ideas; hence, he interjected that he might have jargogled his reader’s thoughts all the same.

Why this word?

I stumbled onto this word while I was doing some research for my thesis. Ever since then, I decided to use it in my random musings.

How to use jargogle in a sentence?

This Physics homework is very confusing. Turn off that loud noise before you further jargogle my trail of thought.


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Written by Luigi Roguero Caler

Luigi Roguero Caler is a writer, editor, and layout artist with extensive working experience in both print and online media. He has recently graduated with a degree on Bachelor of Medical Technology and is working part-time as a freelancer online whilst waiting for his acceptance to Medicine School.


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We are happy to welcome Kate Fulton to our writers’ team!

We are happy to welcome Kate Fulton to our writers’ team!