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Definition: The feeling of joy associated with seeing a loved one love another; the opposite of jealousy.

Pronunciation: com-PER-shen


The word originates from early polyamorous writings.

Why this word?

It is, originally, a word used to help describe the emotions expressed within polyamorous relationships. These are relationships that involve two partners, where each partner has more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of all involved parties. However, in modern English this word can be used to describe one’s own contentment with a friend or family member’s success or good fortune. One instance where compersion is understood wholly is through a parent’s pride due to his or her own child’s accomplishments.


How to use the word compersion in a sentence?

An appropriate time to use the word compersion would be the next time that you feel a complete sense of happiness due to someone else’s good fortune.

I felt nothing but compersion on my brother’s wedding day.”

It was a completely amicable breakup. I know that I will only hold compersion in my heart for him.”


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Written by Elizabeth Heather

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