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 Definition: (especially of the nose) upturned; turned up at the end or edge

 Pronunciation: re-troo-SEY


French, past participle of retrousser, or ‘to roll up.’ In Middle French, trousser meant ‘to turn’ or ‘to tuck up.’

Why this word?

Because sometimes, you run into a gorgeous woman while you’re at the local coffee shop and become smitten by her endearing, upturned nose. Wouldn’t you want a grown-up version of “button-nosed” when you go to describe her to your friends later that afternoon?

 How to use retroussé in a sentence?

Retroussé is an adjective describing an upturned object. It is most commonly used in describing a nose, but can be used to describe other objects. It can be spelled without the accent mark over the /e/, but you are more likely to see it written with the mark.

She pinched the tip of her retroussé nose and squeezed as she plunged into the icy waters below.”

She sighed as she entered the hot bath, disappearing from view as she sank below the retroussé edges of the clawfoot tub.”

“Years of dog-earing the book had left the edges of its pages retroussé.”

“I caught a glimpse of the retroussé left corner of his lip. How dare he smirk at me?”


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Written by Lauren D. Shinn

Lauren D. Shinn is a writer, law student, and fashion blogger. She studied Latin, Ancient Greek, and Chinese as an undergraduate, and also speaks fluent Korean.


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