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Definition: someone who does work at night and sleeps during the day.

pronunciation: leak-now-bite


There are no definite texts yet that could explain the origin of this word. However, according to Webster’s Dictionary, the word originated from the Greeks who used to work late at night with the help of their lamps. After all, “lychnos” literally translates into “lamp.”

Why this word?

As a freelancer, there were times when I really had to adapt a nightly working schedule. One day I decided to look for the term referring to my status as an employee. Good thing, I found lychnobite, and used it to refer to myself from time to time.

How to use the word lychnobite in a sentence

‘Tell me if this is insane, but I actually need to be a lychnobite just to be accepted to this job’.

My sister is a lychnobite in a way. At night time, she takes good care of her restless little kids, and she sleeps the entire day to compensate for her hard work“.


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Written by Luigi Roguero Caler

Luigi Roguero Caler is a writer, editor, and layout artist with extensive working experience in both print and online media. He has recently graduated with a degree on Bachelor of Medical Technology and is working part-time as a freelancer online whilst waiting for his acceptance to Medicine School.


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