Definition: an ornamental fabric in which metallic threads, as of gold or silver, are woven with silk, wool, rayon, or cotton. Also a type of electrically conductive jacket worn by foil and sabre fencers in order to define the scoring areas.

Pronunciation: la-MEY


Latin, possibly by way of Middle French, from lamina, meaning a thin piece or plate

Why this word?

Because you wouldn’t want to accidentally take offense at someone who compliments your lamé jacket on your latest Facebook picture! And because so many fashion retailers are really into the metallic gold and silver lamé trend right now.

How to use lamé in a sentence?

Lamé is both a noun and adjective used to describe a type of fabric that incorporates metallic threads into the material. Please exercise extreme caution when writing the word without its acute accent mark over the /e/! It is not recommended!

 “She wore a tacky and lame lamé dress to the Golden Globes.”

“I noticed the gold, lamé tuxedo jacket from across the room.”

“MC Hammer is the only man in the world who could rock lamé, drop-crotch pants. Okay, maybe Psy, too.”

“Friendly fashion tip: All that glitters is not lamé!”


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Written by Lauren D. Shinn

Lauren D. Shinn is a writer, law student, and fashion blogger. She studied Latin, Ancient Greek, and Chinese as an undergraduate, and also speaks fluent Korean.


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