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Definition: The fear of marriage or commitment.

Pronunciation: gam-o-fo-bee-a


The word is a combination of two Greek words. The Greek term(s) for marriage is gamo and fear is phobia.

Why this word?

I believe this word is the perfect explanation for the recent increase in divorce rates. Although people get divorced for far too many reasons to mention here, the definition of this specific phobia could be the reason many people prefer to separate from their partners. The most intriguing thing about this term is that it is actually deemed a clinical disorder.

Patients with the disorder are treated with behavioral therapy and anti-anxiety medications. Gamophobic patients are given treatments similar to ADD, ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome sufferers.   In addition to cognitive-behavioral therapy patients also practice relaxation techniques such as visualization and controlled breathing.

I found this word while browsing the net, looking for something fresh and unique. Marriage is a union of sanctity between two people, and should be cherished for as long as both individuals are willing to “tough it out”. This is a not a divorcee smashing post, it is simply an additional explanation for the increase in divorce rates. There are plenty of married people that refuse to get divorced because of children, finances, and vested time. If you are thinking about getting a divorce and having a hard time making a decision, refer to this term before you do something you might regret.

How to use gamopobia in sentence?

His gamophobia would trigger an anxiety attack each time his girlfriend talked about marriage.


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