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Definition: butt, buttocks, rump, rear, ass, bottom, fanny, heinie, keister, seat, backside, booty, badonkadonk

Pronunciation: der-ee-AIR


French for “back part, rear.” Originally an adverb, “behind.”

Why this word?

You will most certainly run into a situation at some point in your life when someone uses this word. It is not an ideal word to misunderstand. If someone tells you that you have a large stain on your derrière, you will never find it without knowing what it means! Or maybe you’ll run into it while reading a racy novel. I can’t say for certain when or why you’ll stumble across this word, but it will be there, waiting for you to pat it. (Wait, what?) It’s always better to be prepared!

How to use derrière in a sentence?

Derrière is a noun that is interchangeable with all the variants of “butt” you can think of, and yes, you are allowed to spell it without the grave accent mark.

“’I love how that dress accentuates your derrière,’ said the man to every woman, never, because he prefers to call it a ‘booty.’”

“Kiss my derrière.”

“The young mother gently patted her baby’s derrière, encouraging him to join the others.”


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Written by Lauren D. Shinn

Lauren D. Shinn is a writer, law student, and fashion blogger. She studied Latin, Ancient Greek, and Chinese as an undergraduate, and also speaks fluent Korean.


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