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Definition:  A battle or duel between two people

Pronunciation: du-o-ma-chee


The origin for the term comes from two root words. Duo is the Latin term for two, and machy is the Greek word for battle, war, or fight.

Why this word?

With boxing season in full rotation, this term is an awesome dual spin-off for people having miniature day-to-day battles. Professional fighters have mastered the essence and art of duomachy; these individuals are paid big bucks to stroke our animalistic egos. I know many of you believe this sport is quite atrocious, but it could potentially help those with anger issues. Instead of attempting to beat the crap out of your neighbor, co-worker, or sibling try watching a boxing match to release that steam.

It might also be beneficial to take some boxing or martial arts lessons to appropriately channel any repressed aggression. Lawyers and politicians often utilize non-violent duomachy-istic strategies against their opponents to win cases and voter support. Duomachy is a fluid term that can be used to describe a negative or positive professional attribute, personal situation, and humorous insinuation. Individuals with psychological disorders may also fit the description of this term. Bi-polar and schizophrenia sufferers are duomachy-ists in reference to quarreling or juggling multiple personalities. However, the term mostly applies to schizophrenics, due to the fact that only a few bi-polar disorder patients have multiple personality issues.

All humans like to battle or challenge others in some way.  It is beneficial to challenge yourself before you attempt to test others, especially if there is no title or monetary gain involved. We can spend thousands of dollars to learn new tricks, but the truth is that the best lessons of life come free of charge.

How to use this word in sentence?

Mike Tyson will always be remembered for the career ending duomachy with Evander Holyfield.


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