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Definition: ready-to-wear clothing

Pronunciation: pret-a-por-TEY


French for “ready-to-wear.”

Why this word?

With the rising popularity of fashion e-commerce, it’s helpful to know what “” had in mind when it chose its name. And besides, what are you going to do if you walk into a boutique, and the salesgirl asks whether you’re looking for prêt-à-porter or haute couture?

How to use prêt-à-porter in a sentence?

Prêt-à-porter is both a noun and adjective referring to the category of clothing that is ready-to-wear. It is used exactly like “ready-to-wear” is used, to mean ready-made clothing in standard sizes. “RTW” is the common abbreviation of “ready-to-wear,” and therefore also means the same thing as prêt-à-porter. Finally, prêt-à-porter can be spelled without the circumflex or grave accent marks.

“Most of the clothes hanging in my closet are prêt-à-porter, but I occasionally splurge on made-to-order ball gowns.”

“He slowly unbuttoned the storefront mannequin’s blouse, removing last season’s prêt-à-porter look from the dummy’s smooth torso.”

“Although I’ve been making made-to-order bridal veils for the past fifteen years, I’m thinking about crossing over to the wonderful world of mainstream prêt-à-porter clothing.”

“I accidentally spilled wine on the jacket I borrowed from my sister, but was able to replace it because it was prêt-à-porter.”


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Written by Lauren D. Shinn

Lauren D. Shinn is a writer, law student, and fashion blogger. She studied Latin, Ancient Greek, and Chinese as an undergraduate, and also speaks fluent Korean.


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