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Definition: Self-indulgently sentimental

Pronunciation: Sop-pee


Soppy was used to mean “very wet” in 1823. It first used its current meaning, “overly sentimental” in 1918.

Why this word?
Because it’s the kind of word you can feel. It’s sopping wet. It has a spongy texture; this is a good thing because it collects the tears you shed while reminiscing about your first kiss beside the lake as the orange sun cast its setting glow over you, or those bunnies you saved or whatever. I read this word for the first time recently. It was in a review of “Chaplin: The Musical.” It seemed like such a perfect word. Its effects are both tactile and aural — so much is conveyed in five letters here.

How to use soppy in a sentence?
It’s an adjective. Use it to describe the most self-indulgently sentimental nouns.
“Every year, country artists from around the nation compete to win a coveted Soppy Award. These awards are given in various categories, including best use of ragged child imagery and most effective depiction of a pickup truck.”


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Written by Lindsay Kramer

Lindsay Kramer lives in New Jersey and has a large vocabulary. She likes writing, surfing, driving her Altima and playing with her pet rats. One of her favorite things about language is learning about the etymology of words and how they've descended through linguistic families over time. She speaks some German.


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