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Introducing Unused Words Widgets

We are happy to announce that from this day forward anyone can share our words on their website!

Curtsy of Virality Widget we are now able to offer our users the ability to share our word on their very own sites. Educators, Bloggers, and Word enthusiast can create a custom widget using the widget builder.

You can check out different colors and styles in the widget showcase

The features you can customize:

  • Choose the RSS feed (all site, category, author)
  • Choose the widget color
  • Choose the widget width
  • Choose the ‘View More’ text

Creating a widget is fun and super easy to instal:

  1. Specify the features for your widget and click SET
  2. Right Click once within the widget code text box.
  3. Once all of the code is highlighted Click CTRL C (on your keyboard) to copy the entire code.
  4. Goto your site, and Click CTRL V to paste the code wherever you want the widget to appear!

Once installed on your website or blog – the widget will automatically update whenever a new posts is published.
Each item within the widget will contain a link back to the original post for more in depth reading.


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Written by Yoav Shalev

Yoav Shalev is an Internet Entrepreneur. Yoav has been building websites and creating online communities since 2006. He holds a BA in Business, IT and Marketing.


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