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Definition: It’s a moment of awareness signified by the acknowledgment that no matter how close you feel, you get, or that you are to another person, said other will always have their own separate, private life of which you will not ever be entirely privy. It’s the knowledge that you will never truly know another person, ultimately because you are not them.

Pronunciation: naw-see-enn


Directly from French.

Why this word?

We don’t like being reminded that our generalisations and assumptions can oftentimes be incredibly far from correct truths involved with other people. We like to believe that we can always predict how someone we know will react.

But until the day comes that science has found a way for humans to mind-meld, we’ll just have to deal with being the only ones in our heads.

(Also, I’m really excited about this word; until today, I hadn’t thought there was a term in existence that could represent this

How do you use this word in a sentence?

Example: “He was struck by the heavy weight of gnossienne from an early age and never fully trusted other people– not even his mother.”


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