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Definition: handsome

Pronunciation: SNOUT-fair, just as it reads.


This great word was first met in 16th century English and is a compound word of snout and fair.

Why this word?

Mainly because it is so funny, and yes- let’s admit it- cute. It is just cute!

But also, when this noun was popular, in the 16th and 17th centuries, it didn’t simply refer to handsome individuals, it was used usually with some disparaging suggestion.

So yes, beauty or at least a certain level of fairness are indeed the heart of this word, but it also suggests some negativity about the person’s character.

There is not enough information about the word or its use to state for sure, but I am assuming that there is a reason for which it is consists of the animal-related snout rather than the human nose. Unfortunately, too many handsome individuals lose their fair character traits when carried away with plain physique.

How to use snoutfair in a sentence?

Snoutfair is an noun referring to a handsome individual who is, well, not a great person. If you manage to revive this word, it would be up to you to decide how to use it and what exactly it is that you mean by it.


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Written by Victoria Sheinkin

Victoria Sheinkin is a writer, content editor, translator and chief editor for Speaking three and a half languages, she holds two BAs from the Tel Aviv university- Communication and jounalism, English literature and linguistics.


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