Definition: falling out of love; the feeling of not loving someone or something once loved.

Pronunciation: ana-ga-PE-sis


Although there are no actual accounts for the etymology of this word, it is assumed to originate from Greek. The privative prefix ‘an’ means ‘not’ or ‘without’; the Greek anape means love or brotherly love and ‘sis’ is the prefix representing a process.

Why this word?

Rare are the things or people we will love forever. Life is a learning process, and by virtue of it- a falling in and out of love process. With each thing we learn we get a new opportunity for love. Everything that was learnt gives us the chance to prefer it over something we already know. Our lives are then anagapesis with each step we take, with every person we meet and with everything that we do.

The funny thing is that the Greeks bothered enough for the falling out of love process to come up with a word for it; I would expect agapesis to exist as well- to represent the falling in love process, but it doesn’t. I wish it would have.

How to use the word anagapesis in a sentence?

Anagapesis is an absolutely astonishing noun that represents any negative change to one’s feelings in regards to something or someone else.

“My anagapesis for him was most evident when I threw out the rest of his belongings”.

“His anagapesis for her first took place when he met Joanne”


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Written by Victoria Sheinkin

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