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Definition: To rend, tear apart, divide into pieces, sever, (in regards to dismemberment.)

Also has an archaic, defunct definition meaning “To tear off from the whole”.

Pronunciation: Either “dye-SURP” or “DIH-surp”, depending on the linguistic location.


Translated directly from the Latin “discerpere”, which contains the stem “dis-” (meaning “apart”) and the suffix/body unit of “-cerpere” (from the similar unit of “-carpere”, which means “to pick, pluck”.)

Why this word?

I learned to pronounce this word as “dye-surp”, and– to me –the guttural drag that my natural dialect puts on the second syllable makes the term feel very… violent.

It’s a lovely, efficient word for an effective and intentional breed of actions: tearing something apart. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in while writing this, or something, but the mental sensation of hearing “Discerp” spoken aloud sort of soothes me.

(Mother already had me tested. I’m perfectly sane; honest.)

How do you use this word in a sentence?

Example: He shut his eyes and hummed under his breath as loud as he could, just short of vibrating the enamel from his teeth.

Still, he heard the witch whisper and wheedle: “Come on, come on–! Discerp the bonds and set me free. You know you want to.”


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Written by Veronica Jacobs

Veronica Jacobs is a fiction writer, blogger, academic editor, and sci-fi enthusiast. Currently working freelance (with a background in English Literature), she spends most of her time writing.


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