Definition: blessing, benediction

Pronunciation: BE-ni-sen


The Latin benedictionem, a noun of action meaning to speak well of someone or to bless someone, reached Old French and turned into benecion baring the same meaning. In the early 13th century the word reached the Old English language and turned into benison as we now know it.

Why this word?

This last weekend, Jewish people from all over the world celebrated Yom Kippur. Not sure to which extent the word “celebrated” is fitting here, as it is a day atonement, a day of fasting (25 hours, to be exact) during which one is supposed to ‘pay’ for last year’s sins.

All religions have a common denominator when it comes to forgiveness- while you’re supposed to be okay all year long, you can still sin here and there and ask for your forgiveness during that time, of atonement.

Personally- I do not fast. Personally, I do not believe in a day designated for forgiveness and compassion. If one doesn’t practice it 365 days a year, he may as well eat.

What I do believe in, is benison. Live it, embrace it, practice it and atonement will no longer be needed

How to use the word chary in a sentence?

Benison is a noun meaning blessing and benediction.

“I don’t believe in forced forgiveness; I prefer those for whom benison is a way of life”

“The priest offered words of benison to the impoverished”


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Written by Victoria Sheinkin

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