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Definition: Gradual recovery of one’s health after an illness or a surgery

Pronunciation: ken-ve-LES


This interesting verb stems from the Latin convalescere meaning to thrive or regain help. The Latin ualescere means to begin to grow strong, from ualere “to be strong”. The English version of the word is mainly prevalent in 19th century Caxton and Scottish writings but dates back to the late 15th century.

Why this word?

Winter is almost here (well, not almost, but it will soon be almost) and people are going to get sick! Those of us who work in an office know it best- no matter how chilly or even cold it may be outside, you will always have the three men that complain about being too warm and then freeze everyone with the AC set on -20. And then it starts. One sneeze. One blow of the nose. One cough and then it spreads out like wildfire.

Last week I posted a few “illness” words, after spending a sick week at home, and now that I’m better- I thought I might as well counterpart last week’s sickness with new week’s health!

How to use the word convalesce in a sentence?

Convalesce is a verb, to you can really use it as any other J

“I was so proud at John! Such a little boy with such a bad cold who convalesced so quickly!”

“I’m still not amazingly well, but definitely convalescing”


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Written by Victoria Sheinkin

Victoria Sheinkin is a writer, content editor, translator and chief editor for Speaking three and a half languages, she holds two BAs from the Tel Aviv university- Communication and jounalism, English literature and linguistics.


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