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Definition:  Capable of being severed symmetrically and smoothly.

Pronunciation: sec-tile

Synonyms: The closest words to sectile I can think of right now are uniform, homogeneous, symmetric, and even.


It’s derived from the Latin word sectilis and was conceived in the year 1805.

Why this word?

Every time I hear this word, a slice of cheese crops up in front of my eyes along with an incisive knife sat next to it. I am pretty sure that at some point in your life, you must have sensed that delectable feeling of cutting something (especially something mildly soft, like Eraser) symmetrically. It’s just so smooth, No other sound is audible other than that of clean proportionate splitting- Mother of God- If you can empathize with me, then the object you cut was sectile in nature.

However, if I had my druthers, I’d have made an adjective by amending the noun Rorschach (A symmetrical design which if cut about the X-axis splits into two proportionate pieces). The adjective would have looked something like Rorschachline or Rorschachlous.  I think it would then become a little easy to second-guess the meaning of the word.

How to use the word Sectile in sentence?

Anything that is capable of getting split symmetrically, when cut, without leaving a scintilla of vestige can be termed as a sectile object. This word was specifically coined for evincing a property of minerals, but later on it came into normal English usage.

“Solid minerals may be brittle, sectile, malleable, flexible, or elastic. “

“It is harder than antimonial silver, but is sectile and brittle.”


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Written by Akshay Dashore

Akshay is a Civil engineer who, for his love of words, preferred words over engineering. He is an avid reader and a prolific writer.


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