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Definition: The temporary inability to remember a word or name.

Pronunciation: le-tho-LO-gica

Synonyms:  There are no direct synonyms to this noun, but it pretty much describes the known “it’s on the tip of my tongue” phenomenon.

Origin:  It is the amalgamation of the Greek words lethe meaning ‘oblivion’ and logos meaning ‘word’.

Why this word?

This is a good word to know because you need a good noun to blame when experiencing lethologica. Here something I’m sure you can relate to:

Me:  just coined a new word and it sounds awesome. Should I write it somewhere?

*laughs condescendingly at my own thought*

Hunh!  I have an eidetic memory. I don’t need to rely upon anything.

And on the following day…

What was it? Ummm… I just need to think a little harder. So close… It was something related to…the first letter was….Ok! Brain, don’t play games with me. Spew it out. Enough now… Please… I hate you, brain.

The state of our consciousness is peculiar. There is a gap therein; but no mere gap. It is a gap that is intensely active. A sort of wraith of the name is in it, beckoning us in a given direction, making us at moments tingle with the sense of our closeness and then letting us sink back without the longed-for term.

How to use the word Lethologica in sentence?

“I keep suffering from… what’s the word for it… yes, Lethologica.”

“Although everyone thought I was overcome by my emotions, I actually had an instance of lethologica when I was supposed to speak my vowels…“


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Written by Akshay Dashore

Akshay is a Civil engineer who, for his love of words, preferred words over engineering. He is an avid reader and a prolific writer.


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