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Definition:  A philosophical or educated fool.

Pronunciation: MORO-sof


Morosoph originated from a Greek phrase meaning ‘foolishly wise’.

Why this word?

Ha! Such an easy word to remember. Just try to parse this word and you’ll find that it could easily be an amalgamation of moron and sophisticated. Yes, it is a portmanteau word. Hey! Wait! This also reminds me of Sophomore .Doesn’t this word look like an inverted form of morosoph with an auxiliary ‘o’?

Sophomores (second-year students) often are wisely foolish, thinking they know everything, and that’s actually why they are called sophomores. People other than sophomores can be wise and foolish, of course, and Morosoph is made for such people.

In my perspective, being a morosoph means being at least somewhat socially awkward; trying to foist and apply theoretical principles in life, as a result of which he flunks in the realms of love, friendship and relationships, eventually stultifies himself. The problem with morosophs is that they rely a hell lot on bookish knowledge when there are a lot of things to learn from other bailiwicks.

Did you know?

Moron is a term used in phycology to denote mild intellectual disabilities; morons have an I.Q of 50-75, which is higher than the I.Q of idiots, a term used for individuals whose IQ is below 30.

How to use the word morosoph in sentence?

Thank god you didn’t invite that morosoph to the party or I’d be learning different forces acting on your Birthday Cake.


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Written by Akshay Dashore

Akshay is a Civil engineer who, for his love of words, preferred words over engineering. He is an avid reader and a prolific writer.


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